Work together seamlessly

Collaborate with other organizations

Link your organization’s ITRP account with the ITRP accounts of your external service providers and you will be able to pass requests to them when their support is required. There is no longer a need to build and maintain integrations with their ITSM applications.

You see the same information as your external service providers

Track the same information

You will be able to track the progress of your requests even after they have been passed to an external service provider. Better still, ITRP will keep track of the SLAs between you and these providers so there will be agreement on the service levels that have been provided.

First line support agreements for outsourced service desks

Outsourced service desks

Many organizations have multiple service desks. Some of those may be staffed by internal service desk analysts, while others are operated by an external first line support provider. ITRP accommodates these more advanced requirements by allowing first line support agreements to be established between organizations.