Standard Integrations

The integration capabilities that the ITRP service provides are endless. The ITRP Developer web site is maintained specifically to make it easy for developers to build integrations with other applications. Some of these integrations have been made available to all ITRP customers. Below is a list of these standard integrations.

Atlassian JIRA

Atlassian JIRA logoThe integration with Atlassian JIRA is available for development teams that use JIRA to work on the requests for bug fixes and enhancements that are assigned to them in ITRP. This integration is available, as part of the ITRP Integrations service, for customers with an on-premise JIRA environment, as well as for those that use JIRA in the cloud.


Bitium logoBitium helps companies organize, analyze, manage and secure access to all their web-based applications. ITRP is included in Bitium’s app catalog to give Bitium customers the ability to provide their employees single sign-on access to ITRP without any integration effort.

BMC Remedy

BMC Software logoThe integration with BMC Remedy is provided by the ITRP Integrations service. This managed integration makes it possible for ITRP customers to collaborate with external service providers that use Remedy. Because the integration is provided as-a-service, the costs of building, hosting, monitoring and maintaining it are eliminated. This integration also makes it easier for large enterprises to gradually migrate from Remedy to ITRP. Once all support groups have moved off of Remedy, the integration can be switched off.

BMC Remedyforce

BMC Software logoA standard integration with the cloud-based BMC Remedyforce solution is hosted on the high-availability infrastructure of the ITRP Integrations service. It is hosted, monitored and maintained for organizations that want to work together with external service providers that are using Remedyforce.


Centrify logoThe Centrify User Suite offers its browser and mobile device users single sign-on access to ITRP.

Deloitte Identity & Authentication Service (DIAS)

Deloitte logoDeloitte offers authentication and identification services with ITRP to enable organizations to manage and integrate their users in a secure way using multifactor authentication methods.

Google Analytics

Microsoft Windows logoThe Google Analytics integration allows support organizations to track and report on their ITRP Self Service traffic using the advanced web analytics service offered by Google.

Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services

Microsoft Windows logoOut-of-the-box, the ITRP service provides a complete single sign-on integration for Microsoft’s SAML 2.0-compliant Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS).

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Windows logoMicrosoft has integrated Windows Azure Active Directory with ITRP to enable single sign-on for their ITRP users. The tutorial provides detailed configuration instructions.

Microsoft Lync

Microsoft Lync logoThe standard Lync computer telephony integration (CTI) gives service desk analysts the ability to launch the ITRP Service Desk console with the caller already selected when they accept incoming calls.


miniOrange logoThe miniOrange single sign-on solution provides easy and seamless access to numerous enterprise resources, including ITRP, with one set of credentials.


Okta logoLike for many other applications, Okta is providing pre-integrated single sign-on ITRP access for its users.


OneLogin logoOrganizations that use OneLogin can give their users seamless access to ITRP through OneLogin’s standard SAML-based single sign-on integration.

The OneLogin SSO integration supports the Just-in-Time (JIT) End User Access Provisioning functionality of the ITRP service. 


RightAnswers logoRightAnswers becomes an integral part of the ITRP service when the integration with this KCS-verified knowledge management solution is activated. This integration is available to organizations that use RightAnswers in the cloud, as well as customers with an on-premise RightAnswers environment.

SAP Business Intelligence

SAP logoThe ITRP Export Monitor includes a few features specifically for organizations that use SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (SAP BI). These features make it easy to automate the daily import of their ITRP data into SAP BI.

SSO Easy

SSO Easy logoSSO Easy provides seamless cloud-based single sign-on access for its users to ITRP.

techwork - automator

techwork - automator logoThe automator from techwork makes it easy to create and automate advanced workflows in ITRP that involve other applications.

techwork - directory integrator

techwork - AD - integration logoThe scripts of techwork's directory integration have been refined several times. Automatic enabling and disabling of staff members, protection of employees, team maintenance and site imports are just some of the feature.

techwork - Test 2 Production

techwork - Test2Production logoTransfer workflows from an ITRP QA account to your organization's ITRP production account without manual intervention. This ITRP add-on saves valuable consulting time.

techwork - ITRP Reporting

techwork - reporting logoA fully automated 'normalized' reporting database. Data can be used instantly, to gain insights using Microsoft Power BI, Excel Power Query, etc.

techwork - webshop

techwork - webshop logoAdd a self service webshop to makes it easer for end users to submit orders and to streamline the Request Fulfillment process.

For more information about these standard integrations, please feel free to send your questions to