Know what’s most important

The inbox provides a prioritized list of assignments

Whenever you open ITRP, you’ll be taken straight to your inbox. Your most urgent assignment is always listed on top. The widescreen, two column view displays the assignment that you are working on right next to your inbox.

Targets are calculated automatically

Meet your targets

Your SLAs may stipulate response and/or resolution targets. That is why the urgency of a request may initially be dictated by a response target. As soon as a specialist has started to work on the request, its urgency is defined by the resolution target.

Forwarding assignments is easy

Quick and easy assignment

Large teams may want to work with a coordinator to distribute the team’s workload among its members. Smaller teams may prefer to let their members decide which assignments they pick up.

Whatever the preferences, passing requests between members of a team is easy.

The power of preview

The power of preview

Click on a related record and a preview promptly appears. Previews offer a summary of a record’s information.

Providing instant access to information and presenting it in manner that allows people to digest the information more quickly will save your staff precious time.

Suggest fields speed up record selection


To relate a configuration item to a request, you do not need to know its exact name. Just start typing and ITRP will suggest the ones you are probably looking for.

Fast filtering

Search smarter

When there are many items in your inbox, there’s a quick way to find the one you need. Just enter one or more key words in the Search box and the list is instantly filtered down.

Search as you’d expect

Still can’t find the one you are looking for? Just hit the Enter key to start a full search.

Each search goes through all your records. You never have to remember in which type of record or in which field the information is stored.

Notifications keep assignments moving through the process


Email notifications are sent out as needed to keep things moving. When a change implementation runs into unforeseen issues, its change manager is immediately notified. When a requester withdraws a request, the specialist who was working on it is informed to ensure no more time is wasted.