No installation, always up-to-date

No need to acquire servers or software licenses. We keep your application up-to-date and safe.

Facing yet another complicated upgrade of your current ITSM tool? ITRP is ready to use as soon as you create your account. You don’t need to worry about servers, software licenses or upgrades. It’s always up to date. And because we’re in the cloud, you can access ITRP from anywhere.

Throw out your toolbox, your DIY days are over. You know it makes sense.

Zero configuration

Given enough time and budget, most organizations would now configure their IT service management application in a similar fashion. That is because over the past 20 years, organizations and their consultants have learned from experience what works and what doesn’t.

ITRP takes advantage of this experience. Rather than asking organizations to define the business logic, ITRP offers a fully-configured service management environment. You’ll be up and running in a matter of minutes.

When you are downsizing or growing

Scale up or down as needed

There are no license costs, no set-up costs, no hardware costs, no fixed recurring costs and no termination costs. With ITRP you can get started without paying a dime.

Your costs go up as you authorize more users within your IT organization and they go down when you remove a user’s access to ITRP.

This makes ITRP ideal for fast-growing organizations that do not want the capital expenditure that comes with other enterprise ITSM applications. For outsourcers, this reduces the risk of bringing large new customers onboard. It also makes ITRP the perfect choice for organizations that expect to gradually outsource some of their services to outsourcers.

You only pay for the user you've activated

Pay as you go

Whether you expect your staff to grow or decline, the fact is that headcount changes over time and you want to be flexible. You don’t want to have to order additional users every time you need extra people to help you get through busy periods, or pay for a number of users who are no longer using the service.

A typical user can be productive with ITRP in less than an hour

Quick start guide

Everyone within your support organization will be comfortable with ITRP in minutes. The videos of the Quick Start Guide take them through the basics so they’ll be productive in ITRP as soon as they start using it.

The expense of IT service management (ITSM) training is history

Online training

The ITRP training modules review the features for the different roles within the support organization. The modules are available online, so people can complete them at their own pace, from anywhere, when it fits their schedule.

Comprehensive help

Keep discovering more and more advanced features in the online help

The online help provides detailed information on how to get the most out of ITRP. Over time, you may want to make use of the more advanced options of ITRP. The online help is your guide to improving your organization’s IT service management maturity.


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