Your data is backed up and secure

Your ITSM data secured

All data is transmitted using 256-bit TLS encryption and stored behind firewalls. SOC 1, Type II and SOC 2, Type II reports are prepared by independent third-party auditors for the facilities where your data is processed and stored to demonstrate how key compliance controls and objectives are achieved.

To minimize the risk of data loss your data is redundantly stored in real time in two separate physical locations. In addition, daily backups are stored on highly durable secure storage infrastructures at multiple physical locations, such that a concurrent loss of data in two facilities can be sustained. Each backup is retained for 7 days.

Continuity is also important for access to your ITSM data


When your organization’s data center is struck by a disaster, how long will it take to get the ITSM service up and running again? Is this even a priority?

The continuity plan often dictates that services like email and ERP get recovered before the ITSM service. That makes sense from a business point of view, but it would be helpful if you could rely on the information about your services and configuration items during the recovery.

The infrastructure of the ITRP service is distributed over two separate physical locations. It is configured to automatically fail-over in case one of the facilities goes down. So, even when disaster strikes, you can depend on the information you have stored in ITRP.


Even if you do not consider ITRP your most business-critical service, it is ours. That is why you can rely on us to keep ITRP secure and available. Read more about ITRP’s security safeguards in the Security Measures section.